Ottawild: Aloette Conference 2017 (USA REGISTRATION ONLY)

Aloette’s 2017 conference in Ottawa takes place during Canada’s bicentennial celebrations. To honor the occasion, join us as one of the 1,000 beauty consultants at our International Conference. With lots of amazing activities and sights to see, be a part of the biggest party in the capital city.

Parfait Party

It’s time to party in the parfait shoppe! A Parfait Party is a fantastic way to enjoy some healthy treats while learning about our healthy skincare, including the nationally acclaimed Beauty Parfait Probiotic Yogurt Treatment. You’ll also get free product gifts and a shopping spree of up to 80% off.
So how do you do it? First, head over to where you’ll learn more about how you can connect with an Aloette Beauty Consultant in-person or online. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill out the contact form and get your shindig booked. If you already have a Beauty Consultant, let her know that you want to book your Parfait Party…she’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.
Sound good? Now at the soiree snap some selfies and post onto your social media accounts with the hashtag #aloettepartytime. The next day you’ll hear from us if you won something!

Sounds easy enough, right? So let’s mingle and win some product!