203 employees from Chongqing Cummins participate in International Marathon
        On Mar 22, 2014, Employees from Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (CCEC) participated in the 2014 Chongqing International Marathon. It is the fourth time that CCEC has organized employees to take part in this Marathon event, and the number of CCEC participants has increased to 203 this year from only 4 in the first year.

       In recent years, driven by the trend of Marathon, more and more employees start doing various sports activities, such as basketball, pingpong, badminton, running, climbing etc.. Physical exercise is becoming a part of employees’ life and also builds a positive impact on every day’s work.

       Zeng Jian is a mechanic at CCEC. It took him one hour and thirty-six minutes to complete a half marathon. He said, “I have been keeping exercising for 15 years, which brings me health and happiness. I very enjoy my life and work now.”

       This year, Xu Xiaohui, CCEC Quality Improvement Manager completed his first full marathon. He said, “CCEC is accelerating its progress to be at a global quality level. I need to attend many meetings and work at my desk for a long time every day. Regular physical exercise makes me keeping vigorous and a clear mind to deal with various problems.

       总经理安卓既是体育锻炼的爱好者,更是倡导者。“我们坚信,拥有一个健康的生活方式多有裨益,尤其是在处理各种不同程度的挑战、压力和日常工作相关的复杂问题的时候,” 他说,“此外,通过参加各种体育活动,我们为员工创造最好的环境去释放他们的动力和精力,从而改变他们自己的生活方式。”
       Andrew Penca, CCEC’s General Manager, is both enthusiast and advocate for physical exercise. “We firmly believe that having a healthy lifestyle pays dividends when it comes to handling varying degrees of challenges, stress and other complexities associated with your daily job,” he said, “In addition, by attending and participating in various sports activities we are working to create the best environment for people to unleash their power and energy to transform their own lifestyles.”

       Chongqing International Marathon was founded in 2011, and held every March. It is one of the seven gold-level Marathon events in China. Every year, over 30,000 runners around the world are attracted to the race.